How to Thrive This Holiday Season (My 3-Step Plan)

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Burnout is real over the holidays because we tend to focus on the commercial aspect of the season. I know I’ve spent many Decembers running around buying gifts, battling crowds and doing just a bit too much.

My goal this year between Christmas and New Year’s is to rest and relax more.

That doesn’t mean I’ll vegetate on the couch for a week. Movement is restorative for me—but I won’t be bustling around at 100 miles an hour trying to make everyone else happy.

I won’t lie: There will be shortbread cookies. There will be a rum and eggnog. But there will also be lean protein, vegetables and some fruit. I want to leave my holidays feeling better than when I started, not worse, so I’ll enjoy some treats but balance that by eating great food most of of the time.

I’m looking forward to the family visits, time spent resting with a good book and a slightly slower pace.

My advice for you? Don’t just survive the holidays this year. Thrive over the holidays by putting together a plan.

My Personal 3-Step Plan

Here’s my three-step approach:

1. Connect: Meaningful connections are an important part of health and happiness. I’m going to put away my phone, sit, listen and interact with loved ones. And I’ll ask them to put away their devices to do the same so we can really connect!

2. Eat nourishing food: There will be a lot of delicious food around over the next month. I’m going to be inclusive and indulge in some of my holiday faves. But I’m going to balance that with whole foods and beverage choices that keep my energy high and my body feeling great. I don’t want to miss out on a magical hike in the Kenora woods because I’m too hung over!

3. Move: I might do a few less structured workouts. But I plan to get outside to ski, hike, skate and do some biathlon training (my new hobby!). Exercise helps me manage stress, and it enhances my mood and sense of well being. And I like learning new things. For added happiness, I’m going to involve as many family members as possible.

I hope that helps!

Take a few minutes right now to think of some simple things you can do to make the most of the holidays. What will make you feel great heading into 2024? Make it happen.

And if you need help with food or fitness, you know where to find me!


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